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Welcome to the website of the Scottish cats' breeding cattery "Mici Felici"!

This breeding cattery is registered at the feline organization FAU of the system WCF in Kyiv.

The cat is a graceful, mysterious, and charming animal that brings warmth, comfort, harmony and good mood to our home. Scottish cats of golden colors particularly charmed us and won our love.

This is why ours is a monobreed cattery. We breed shorthair Scottish cats (both Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight) of golden colors: black, chocolate, blue,and ticked with shades of purple and gold. The highlight of our breeding farm is the improvement of the ticked purple-gold color CY25 (11), achieving a warm peach undercoat, intense green eyes, while maintaining a nice type of animal.

The main purpose of our breeding farm is that our pets would be completely healthy, beautiful, able to match the modern standards, sociable and happy to be in our homes. Not by chance our breeding farm is called «Mici Felici», which means "Happy Cats"!

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